An answer to parents’ and teachers’ concerns.

Crush It Kids, a subsidiary of Crush It TV, LLC, decided to launch early under the temporary brand “The Social Distancing Network” so that we could entertain young people when they really need new content options.

Based in Nashville, TN, we are a collective of media professionals who believe that making the world a better place starts with improving how students think and play. We produce exciting, original content that sparks the curiosity of viewers and encourages them to learn more about the world both inside and outside of the classroom.

The internet is vast, and with so much content out there, people need to know that there’s a platform dedicated to making great content that provides sustenance without being political.

Social Distancing Network hopes to be that platform, fitting into lesson plans and making sure that its viewers learn something new with everything they watch. 

The Audience.

Students in Elementary School have sensitive needs for what shows they consume, as that period for students is a formative one that helps lay out the groundwork for their future.

Once students get to Middle School, their understanding of the world changes. So too do their interests, as well as their needs for what to watch. This transitional period is frequently seen through a more nuanced understanding of the world and a stronger desire for hands-on experiences.

By High School, students will be thinking about the rest of their lives as full-fledged adults. They need content with critical information, such as useful life skills to help them meet everyday challenges.