RootFlick Video Contest

Since you’re stuck at home we thought we’d throw a video production contest! Grab your fellow quarantined buddies (parents, siblings, etc.), grab a camera (it can even be your phone!), watch the RootFlick we’ve already produced, read the Rules below, produce up to a 2 minute video, and potentially win up to $250!

The Rules.

Social Distancing Network will post the first video in a 3 part video contest on our social media and on our contest page. This first video is called the “RootFlick” and is Chapter 1 one in a three chapter story. Anyone eligible in the age category (one RootFlick for elementary/middle school, and a second RootFlick for high school/college will be posted) will then have a week to produce a Chapter 2 short film that is 2 minutes or less which continues and builds upon the Rootflick and is left open-ended for our Chapter 3 contest.

The only rule is you have to use the same characters in the original Chapter 1 Rootflick – represented by similar clothing colors/styles and name. They can change the genders of the characters if needed.

After a week we will then create polls for the public to vote on their favorite version of how the story continues. The poll will be open for 3 days – so get your friends and family to vote for your entry and make sure they like our SDN social media pages!

This public vote will make up 50% of the total vote. The other 50% will be made by a panel of 3 filmmaker judges. The winning video will become the official chapter two of the story and the winner will receive $150 for the Elementary/Middle School contest or $250 for the High School/College contest. We will then do a 3rd and final chapter for each story with a grand prize.

Contestants will need to submit their films via direct download link (such as Google Drive) to
First round of videos are due April 28th!

RootFlick Video Contest Below

If you are Elementary or Middle School age, follow the Rootflick Todd’s Treehouse. If you’re High School or College age, follow Sam Stripling.

Elementary / Middle School


Todd's Treehouse - Chapter 1 (RootFlick)

New to the neighborhood, Todd and his brother happen upon an awesome treehouse, but danger may lurk there.

Todd's Treehouse - Chapter 2 ($150 Cash Prize)

To Be Determined!

Todd's Treehouse - Chapter 3 (TBD)

To Be Determined!

High School / College

Sam Stripling - Chapter 1 (RootFlick)

Washed up private-eye, Sam Stripling, is about to take a case that may change his life.

Sam Stripling - Chapter 2 ($250 Cash Prize)

To Be Determined!

Sam Stripling - Final Chapter 3 (TBD)

To Be Determined!