Real American Heroes: Harriet Tubman

The first Real American Heroes segment goes to the incredible Harriet Tubman! Learn about this woman's legendary life and the sacrifices she made to free captives from slavery.

Cleaning Your Closet

Have you already run out of things to do in this time of quarantine? Us too! A great way to pass the time (and earn brownie points with your parents) is to sort out your closet! What do you keep? What do you donate? Check out this video to find out how.

Real American Heroes: Lewis and Clark

In this episode of the series, “Real American Heroes,” Steve takes us on a journey with Lewis and Clark!

Botany Bingo

Want a good excuse to get outside and explore? Let's play Botany Bingo while we learn about the different plants around us! Download the Leaf Shape sheet here, or find a custom one elsewhere online!

Playing Pool with Planets

Hopefully you can see the sun where you're at! If not, don't fret, you can still get an up-close look at our Sun, and the rest of our Solar System, by checking out Playing Pool with the Planets!

Playing Pool with Planets 2

In episode 2 of Playing Pool with the Planets, Steve explains just how vast our solar system actually is.