High School

How to Change Your Oil

How many of you have performed routine maintenance on a vehicle, such as changing a tire, battery, or air filter? James is going to walk you through these (easier than they sound) tasks, and help you save thousands of dollars over time! 

The Secret Ballot

Did you know the U.S. hasn’t always had a secret ballot? In today’s political climate, this innovation continues to serve us well!

How to Retire a Millionaire

Ever wanted to know what mutual funds are? We break down how they are a powerful tool to grow wealth, create jobs, and retire in style.

How to Change a Tire

Getting a flat tire can really slow down your whole day, not to mention calling a tow truck and spending at least $100! In this series of Auto Mechanic Tips, James will show you how to change that tire yourself. Be your own hero, or maybe even someone else’s!

How to Crush an Interview

We want you to feel ready and confident for your first interview. If you follow these 5 tips, you will leave that interview know that you crushed it! 

All About Your State Legislature

How much do you know about the State Government? How many of you can name your local State Representative? Blake is going to walk us through the State Legislature, and explain why it’s so important that we pay attention!

AP and Dual Enrollment

If you’re in high school, what can taking AP classes, and Dual Enrollment classes do for your future? Thinking about these kinds of things can feel overwhelming, but Aly is here to walk you through it!