Middle School

Basic Budgets

Whether you get an allowance from your parents, or cut your neighbor’s grass, you probably have some money stored up. Now what? Basic budgeting is a very valuable skill to learn, and Steve is here to walk you through it.

Nutrition Labels

Curious to know what the facts on a nutrition label mean? We explore calories, carbohydrates, and proteins!

Writing a Check

Writing checks can seem intimidating sometimes, but we are happy to walk you through the steps!

Real American Heroes: Harriet Tubman

The first Real American Heroes segment goes to the incredible Harriet Tubman! Learn about this woman’s legendary life and the sacrifices she made to free captives from slavery.

Real American Heroes: Lewis and Clark

In this episode of the series, “Real American Heroes,” Steve takes us on a journey with Lewis and Clark!

Playing Pool with Planets

Hopefully you can see the sun where you’re at! If not, don’t fret, you can still get an up-close look at our Sun, and the rest of our Solar System, by checking out Playing Pool with the Planets!

All About Sports: Golf

In this episode of All About Sports, Steve explains how golf is played and why it may be a good sport for you to try!

Playing Pool with Planets 2

In episode 2 of Playing Pool with the Planets, Steve explains just how vast our solar system actually is.

How to Host a Party

Social Distancing can be difficult without your friends. What do you plan on doing once it is over, though? Throw a party perhaps?

Actual Reality - History

Steve explores various historic myths we still believe today despite the evidence we have to the contrary in this first episode of Actual Reality!

Cleaning Your Closet

Have you already run out of things to do in this time of quarantine? Us too! A great way to pass the time is to sort out your closet! What do you keep? What do you donate? Check out this video to find out how.